Best Massage Chairs In India [Reviews & Buying Guide] (2020)

Best Massage Chairs In India [Reviews & Buying Guide] (2020)

Best Massage Chairs In India [Reviews & Buying Guide] (2020)


After a tiring day at work, each one of us thinks of having a relaxed body without any extra effort. Massage is one such activity that relieves both physical and mental stress. Nowadays, massage is one such easy activity if you have a massage chair at home. Massaging helps the body to build up your mental and emotional quotient. The competition and workload in this fastchanging environment where we work and live affect us either today or tomorrow. So it is your body that deserves that optimum rest and rejuvenation to be ready for the challenges of the next day. It becomes very essential to have one massage chair from the many varieties of these chairs with a range of features and comfort level. 

Amongst the various massage chairs available in the market, the following good massage chairs have been discussed in brief for choosing a better option for your place: 

JSB MZ23 Full Body Massage Chair 

This type of massage chair has got features that ensure chronic pain relief, foot massage, heat therapy, and zerogravity seating. This chair is one of the best designed and meets all the requirements for providing peace of mind. After reaching home postwork, this can become your true friend who will always be there whenever needed. The chair boasts six massage styles including kneading, tapping, kneading, kneading plus tapping, and a few others that provide relaxation to all. The product comes with a one-year warranty and is one of the best products available around.

Verdict – Highly recommended if you really want a good massage from this chair this would be the ultimate soothing experience both physically and mentally. This chair is best suitable to get relief from chronic pains. 


Robotouch Urban Full BodyMassage Chair  

This chair provides services like Hand massage, zerogravity seating, 28 Airbags pressure and the best amongst all is the warming of the back muscle to avoid any wear and tear of the muscle. Warming of back muscle is very important whenever you are coming after a long journey. Travelling creates a lot of stress in the back muscle and that needs to be reduced by proving proper heating and warming up of the back muscles. The vertically movable fourwheel joints are available for your tired hands and stiff joints. Amazing equipment for ensuring relaxed feet through a set of rollers massaging the bottom of the feet. It contains the maximum number of airbags for the ultimate comfort level. The functions are separate for the kind of comfort the upper and the lower body demands. A unique chair that specializes in hand massages and the comfort of hands of the highest level. 

Verdict – This massage chair is the best full body massage chair which is extremely comfortable that delivers perfect heating kneading and full leg massage.

Bodyfriend KANU – MOM Health

 MOM 4D Technology Automatic Body chair also is like other massage chairs but with a set of Wireless Bluetooth Audio 5 fitted inside the chair. Massage and a mix of some soulful music will provide some exceptional results in the field for an individual. This massage chair suits different height persons as it scans your body and adjusts the rollers to reach all areas of your body. This Massage Chair provides the desired comfort, both beneficial for the growth of the physical state of the body and mental state of mind. It is a unique product ensuring comfort with ease. The chair has some very special features like the availability of Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair, Back massage, Head Massage, Foot Massage. It contains automatic body scan technology, which detects the position of your shoulders and positions the rollers as per your body pressure points. 

Verdict This massage chair is the best full body massage chair which provides the best Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Zero-G Positions, Rocking Function | Kneading, Tapping, Vibration, Air Pressure

Selection of massage chairs 

The selection of massage chairs is different for every individual. Some people require massage chairs, especially for backaches, some take it for a foot massage and few take it for a full body massage. Massage chairs are not so cheap, so selection for the same may be undertaken with proper research and as per individual’s needs. You should always learn about all the features of the massage chair before purchasing it, as few features may not be of any use to you, and you may wonder later that money has been spent which, if researched could have been effectively utilized. 

Some very common and few unique features are available in all the massage chairs. One should look for features like Massage rollers, heat massage, massage roller stroke, Body scan technology, air compression massage, Vibration, muscle stretch massage, etc. Apart from this one should look for the type of material used in the making of the chair, portability, price, and durability. 


Having a massage chair at home is a kind of investment. Today if you invest in a massage chair, you are actually trying to make your life stress and anxietyfree. Massaging in any of the massage or spa centers might costs you 5000 bucks for one session, but once you own one, you can have one 15-20 minutes of the session every day and stay an entire day full of energy. Massage chairs promote your happiness quotient to a greater level. Massage relieves your body of all the negativity, and you look around with a smiling face. A stressrelieving activity with a press of the button is a very fine modernday solution for all kinds of aches in your body or a general refreshment just to boost your energy levels. A massage a day will keep the doctor away. 



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