Best Water Purifiers in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buying Guide 2020]

Best Water Purifiers in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buying Guide 2020]

Best Water Purifiers in India Under 15000 [2020]

[Top 3]Best Water Purifiers

Water is one of the essential commodities required to sustain life on Earth. It is often advised that water should be consumed in the cleanest form to avoid various water-borne diseases. However, advancement in technology has also invited various types of pollution in our lives. Water pollution is one of the most common and severe problems which we are facing at the moment. Earlier, groundwater was considered as the safest water to consume. But the groundwater has been polluted due to many human-made activities. In this situation, the demand for water purifiers increases. In simple terms, water purifiers filter the germs and bacteria from the water we consume.

  1. KENT Grand+ Water Purifier (11099)


KENT is one of the most reliable water purifier brands across the globe. The company offers different types of water purifier machines based on different filtration technologies. The KENT Grand+ water purifier machine offers multiple purification processes like RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+ UV disinfection to make the water 100% safe for drinking. The water purifier machine comes with a special feature that re-circulates the rejected water to the overhead tank using its pump. This process ensures zero water wastage in the entire filtration process


  • Zero Water Wastage: The key highlight of this water purifier machine is that it does not waste any water, as it uses its pump to re-circulate the rejected water.
  • Retains Essential Minerals: The water purifier machine is equipped with a TDS control valve, which ensures that essential minerals are retained in the entire process.


  • High Maintenance Costs: Kent Grand+ water purifier needs maintenance from time to time, which might burn your pockets.

Kent Grand+ water purifier is one of the best water purifier machines that offer multiple filtration techniques and makes the water 100% suitable for drinking.


  1. Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV Water Purifier


Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV water purifier is among the best deals in the premium segment of water purifier machines offered by the company. The machine comes with i-Filter technology that removes small particles like sand, dust, and mud from the water. One of the unique features of the machine is the taste enhancer cartridge that removes residual organic impurities and enhances the taste of the original water. Not only this, but the presence of active copper technology provides the goodness of copper in water.


  • Free Shipping and Standard Installation: The water purifier machine comes with free shipping and standard installation to make the premium machine more accessible and affordable.
  • Enhances Water Taste: The taste enhancer cartridge present in the machine improves the taste of the original water.


  • Water Waste: Some amount of water is wasted during the filtration process to make the water safe for drinking.

Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV water purifier is aimed to offer clean water for your complete safety. The machine is priced at Rs 19,499 and is available on the official website of Eureka Forbes.

  1. Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier



Havells has emerged as one of the rising brands in the water purifier segment. The Max RO+UV, water purifier machine, offers purification of water in 7 different stages for absolute safe drinking water. The device also comes with a protection tank cover, which stops the external invasion of insects and dust particles. Havells also offers extended warranty options for life long safety and healthy drinking water.


  • Removable Tank: The water purifier machine comes with a removable tank to ensure timely cleaning for better filtration of water.
  • iProtect Function: The machine is equipped with the iProtect function, which monitors the entire water purification process.


  • No Zero Water Waste Concept: The machine does not come with a zero water waste concept and wastes water in the entire purification process.

The Havells Max RO+UV water purifier is capable of purifying different types of water while retaining the essential minerals present in the original water.


Benefits of Water Purifier Machines

Water purifier machines come with various filtration technologies that remove germs and bacteria from the normal water we consume. There is a general assumption in households that tap water is free from germs. However, tap water also holds serious bacteria, which can make you sick. There are many benefits that we get from water purifier machines. Some of the major benefits of water purifier machines are:

  • Proper Filtration of Water: Water purifier machines filter the disease-causing bacteria present in the water. The machines use various technologies to filter the water and ensure that all the mineral and useful compounds of water are not filtered in the entire process.
  • Storage Capacity: Water purifier machine comes with storage tanks that store the filtered water for use. The storage tanks of the machines are generally designed to hold water for sufficient and worry-free supply.
  • No Manual Operation: Even though water purifier machines are designed in a complex way, the filtered water is delivered through an automatic process done by the machines. No manual operation needs to be done to get filtered water.
  • Retains Essential Minerals: The water purifier machine filters the harmful pollutants present in the water to make it safe for drinking and other purposes. No essential minerals are filtered out in the entire filtration process.

 Our Verdict

There are many water purifier machines available in the market. All the companies indulged in these machines offer different types of technologies that filter water to make it safe for drinking and help you to stay fit. Since there are endless alternatives available in the market, here are some of the top-rated best water purifier machines in India.

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